A Perfect Day at... August National

This weekend is The Masters and in my opinion it's one of the best spring weekends and a pretty big deal in our household.  While we aren't attending the tournament this year, I am day dreaming about a perfect day spent at August National surrounded by perfectly blooming azaleas.  I would wear a casual cute outfit suitable for lots of walking. I always wear sandals so I can slip them off and put my toes in the perfect grass!  I'd throw on a small cross body bag just to hold my essentials, i.e. sunglasses and chapstick, but not get me in trouble with all the tournament rules. And last but certainly not least, lather on some sunscreen before hitting the greens.

- Heath

Image of shoes, sunglasses and bag via ShopBop; Image of Chapstick via Chapstick; Image of Sunscreen via Sephora; Image of shorts and shirt via J.Crew; Image of flag via Sara Dickson; Image of Augusta National via The Way I See it


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