Takeout Dinner Party

I really love having friends over and entertaining.  For those either intimidated by cooking for a crowd or busy and short on time, I think this takeout party would be perfect for a weeknight dinner party.  Everyone has seen this Kate Spade ad featuring their china collection, but I think it's the perfect inspiration for a chic, super easy no-cook party.

Set your table a day or two in advance with your fanciest china, linens, and glasses.  Using your "fancy" wedding china with takeout food makes things seem fun and festive instead of overly fussy.  Pick up mango sorbet and beers from the store, and order the rest from your favorite Chinese place on the way home from work. 

As guests arrive I'd serve Ginger Beers and steamed dumplings as an appetizer.  (Steamed Dumplings are the best!)  For the main course, I'd serve big platters of favorite Chinese dishes family style on the table, but also a few things in cute takeout containers just for fun.  For dessert, simple mango sorbet and fortune cookies because everyone will be stuffed from the main course.  (This site lets you customize fortune cookies!)  Everyone loves takeout so I think all of your guests will go home very pleased! 

Mango Agave sorbet via MyRecipes.com; Takeout Containers via Jasmine Kyle Pinterest; Imari Dinner plate via Replacements.com; Linens via Leontine Linens; Lettuce Wraps via Wolfgang Puck Pinterest; Dumpling via RasaMalaysia.com



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