Kitchen Inspiration (and renovation plans!)

My husband and I have always had plans to give our kitchen a little face lift.  In our current kitchen there is a wall that separates the breakfast room with the rest of the kitchen, and we've always wanted that wall removed.  With our little one coming this fall, this project has been moved up on the list and our goal is to get the kitchen completely renovated by mid-summer!  I've been saving this kitchen as inspiration for years, long before Pinterest was around.  I pretty much want to knock this kitchen off as much as I possibly can! :)

There are a few things about the kitchen that I won't exactly "copy."  The slate tile floors in this kitchen are beautiful, but to save money we will be sticking with our existing hard woods.  (I'm considering painting the existing hardwoods with a similar herringbone pattern when it's all said and done.)  We also hope to use unlacquered brass hardware instead of chrome, if we can find an affordable source.  We will definitely be painting our new French doors, the pantry door, and the window sills black and keeping our eye out for beautiful white/gray stone countertops.  If anyone has a good suggestion other than Carrera Marble, please let me know. 

Before we get started, below are a few before shots:
 The wall between the breakfast nook and kitchen that we would like removed.
The original butler's pantry that we will keep!

The overall view of the kitchen.

The ovens are from the 1960s but I've still been spoiled having two of them!

The stove with window above.  We would like to add French doors instead of a window to this wall.

The existing door that leads from the kitchen to the back yard.  This door and window will be removed.
~Mary Keller

If anyone has a source for the top kitchen images, please let me know.  I would love to give credit for these images.  Thank you! 


  1. MK! I have a suggestion for sourcing countertops. I will send you an email. :o)

  2. P.S. This is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. This is a beautiful inspiration, Mary! Removing the wall is a nice move; it will give you the space you wanted from the kitchen to your breakfast room and brighten up the rooms as well. Anyway, your idea sounds great and hopefully everything went according to plan. Good luck! --->[]

  4. What a neat blog, Mary Keller! It will be so fun to follow you and Heath on here...with your creative minds, I know you are going to blow us away and give me a bunch of decorating tips as well :)

  5. You have a lovely inspiration, and it is not hard to achieve since your kitchen has some similarities to your inspiration. In regards to your countertops, you might consider using Caesarstone because it's really design for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Plus, it has mold and mildew resistant feature. -> Robbie @