Photo Diary | Quick trip to the beach

I packed nothing but necessities this past weekend for the beach since we were there for less than 48 hours. As a result I have only iPhone photos to show you but they aren't all that bad. It was a nice quiet weekend at the beach with lots of family! My mom has four brothers and one sister and all but one sibling were in attendance with spouses, kids etc. Highlight of my trip (in addition to long overdue visits with family from far away) was seeing my cousin's son. I met him as a baby but was eager to see him again since he is three and a half now and full of personality. I pretty much played with him the entire time - you can see in the photos. I'm sure that is no surprise to most. I absolutely LOVE kids and this little guy was no exception. He is full of energy, laughter, smiles and smart as a whip! Here's what we did this weekend...

Toes in the sand!
Dad, the constant fisherman 
caught a tiny shark.

We made up our own game, 
buried Owen, 
built sand castles 

and sand cities! 
We played Chutes and Ladders on the porch
and Candy Land.
Let the big boys play a round of croquet
and watched in amazement!
Not pictured - the one thousand games of baseball we played on the beach and the celebration dance that ensued after someone hit a home run(it's pretty stinking cute!). We had a nice weekend at the beach! Hope you're enjoyed your weekend too. 

- Heath