June Book Club

Looks like i'm a little behind with my reading, whoops!

About two weeks ago I hosted June book club. It must be a busy time of year because we didn't have much attendance but it was fun regardless. We chatted for all of five minutes about The Paris Wife and accidentally forgot to pick a new book. Can you tell our book club isn't serious about books?! We may just be in it for the cocktails and socializing! Anyone have any good recommendations?

So in the meantime Andy and I recently subscribed to a few food magazines and have been reading them non stop. It's addicting! We have a giant stack that seems never-ending so we haven't been reading many cookbooks lately. I do however have Local Palate on my list. The last thing we need in our house is another one but i've heard such good things I may cave!

I also just added The Welcoming Home to my Amazon wishlist. I think if I had to pick one adjective for someone to describe my house welcoming would be it. There is nothing better than that feeling and there is no amount of design and decor that can change it. It's a definite must for me!

Reading any good books lately? Any recommendations?

- Heath


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