Book Club!

Our book club has been slack this month we still haven't selected an August book!  Does anyone have a really good suggestion?  I threw out the idea of The Great Gatsby (it's been years since I read it and I still haven't seen the movie) but most the group yawned at that idea.  What good books are out there right now that we're missing?  Below are a few I've seen floating around internet.

I just heard about The Telling Room on the blog Dinner a Love Story.  It looks really good but I'm afraid it's going to make me crave specialty cheese and a trip to Spain after reading it!

I've been seeing lots of buzz about the book Wild around the internet.  It doesn't sound like something I would typically enjoy (I'm not that into hiking or the wilderness!) but all the buzz makes me think we should give it a consideration.

I first heard about the novel The Language of Flowers on Katiedid's beautiful blog.  Loved her recap of her beautiful table, menu and bookclub selection when her book club enjoyed this book a long time ago!  Lately I've been seeing this book everywhere so it must be pretty good?

Does anyone have any great reads that we should know about?  We'd love any suggestions!

~Mary Keller

The Language of Flowers image via GoodReads; all other images via Amazon


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