Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  So excited the weekend is here!  Today's a happy Friday because during lunch we got to see our final ultrasound and then after work I have a long overdue pre-natal massage/facial gift card that I get to use!  yea!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend will be quiet as we plan to finish up lots of little things before baby comes.  Tomorrow morning JD and I are having a breakfast date with homemade huevos rancheros and our little monthly budget meeting (we're dorks!).  Then tomorrow afternoon, I think Heath's planning a cookout for the Tennessee game so we may get a yummy meal out of that.  Other than that, we'll just be relaxing and watching DVDs of Homeland.  We're late to the game, but we're now obsessed!
I'm obsessed with this Anthropologie Equus Dress that Sally wore at New York Fashion Week, and I'm loving everyone's recap of the week.
If you missed it, I'm in love with these midi skirts that Heath posted about.  I had never even heard of midi skirts until then.  One of these may be at the top of my list when I do some post baby shopping!
Love Jess Lively's take on seasonal planning, it's similar to what Heath and I put together earlier this week, but a bit more goal oriented. 
~Mary Keller
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