Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  This week flew by for me which is so nice considering I'm now just counting down the days until our little girl arrives!  We don't have much on the agenda this weekend which is so nice.  This evening J.D. and I are going to finally get a real "grown up" camera.  Finally!  (Don't you think we're cutting it a little close?  I'm typically SO bad about taking pictures.  The only other camera I've ever owned was one my mom gave J.D. when he asked for my parents blessing to marry me.  My mom knew I would regret not having a camera and pictures from our engagement!) 

Saturday morning I'm heading out to get mums to welcome fall around our house, and then Heath and Andy are coming for a very low key day to watch Tennessee football.  Other than that, JD and I will just be enjoying what we hope is our last weekend as a family of two!

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

~Mary Keller

P.S.  Image above via RoboLikes.  My in laws just returned home from Paris!  I'm definitely jealous and would love to see Paris in the fall!


  1. What a weekend! Love that you get to open your arms to fall and a new member of the family. Do mums come in pink? ;)

    1. Thank you Amanda! If they come in pink, I will get them! We have to have the house looking spiffy for the new babe. We want her to like her new home! :) Hopefully we'll get to see you and Chris this weekend too! :)