Cocktail Time

Last night after we put Virginia to bed, we decided to skip dinner and have pimento cheese and a cocktail instead.  We also threw in a DVRed episode of Downton Abbey, so it was pretty much a perfect evening. :)

We tried White Whale's Your Older Brother mixer with vodka and it was really good.  We both really enjoyed it, even though J.D. typically prefers dark liquor.  It's hard to describe, but it was almost like a gin lemonade, but really not too sweet.  (Sounds strange, especially since you make it with vodka!)  Yall, I love these mixers!  I actually prefer cocktails to wine (unlike most!) and I usually never get around to making them because wine just seems easier.  These are perfect for making an evening at home feel more special, but I really think they're more perfect for a little get together with a few friends.  Just one of these mixers makes 8 drinks, and you don't have to stand around all night mixing a creative cocktail.  Just add alcohol and a garnish and you're done.  These mixers are sold online at Furbish.  Seriously, order one for the next time you have a few girlfriends over!

p.s. Santa left these mixers in our stocking and we're just now trying the rest of them.  We tried the Auntie's Old Fashioned on Christmas and it got a thumbs up from everyone too, especially perfect for the boys. 

~Mary Keller


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