Southland Staple: Black Riding Boots

Do you guys have anything that you find yourself using or wearing over and over again? I've noticed I'm a creature of habit and tend to wear (and use) certain things time and time again. The one thing I just can't seem to get enough of right now are my black riding boots. I wear them constantly!

I find myself throwing them on to run around on the weekends. The flat heel is perfect for running errands but I never feel like a bum.

I wear them to work all the time too, especially when its chilly! They're the perfect comfortable option that still looks put together and appropriate for most situations. The lack of buckles and zippers on these make them dressier than most flat options.

My boots are super old Banana Republic, but you can find a similar option here, here and here.

Do you guys have any go to items? I'd love to hear!

- Heath


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