Around Here

Happy Monday everyone!  It's amazing what a difference good weather makes in a weekend, isn't it?  We really didn't do anything too crazy this weekend, but the weekend seemed so good with sunshine and nice temps.  J.D., Virginia and I went to visit and see some good friends' new house on Saturday, and then grabbed lunch at Dish in Plaza Midwood.  Sunday we spent most of the day at the park and on a nice walk before we headed home to cheer on Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Heath and Andy spent Friday night at Noda Brewery, and maybe had a little too much fun so they spent most of Saturday "relaxing". :)  Sunday they brunched, made a sweet stop at Sunflour, Heath did nails, and then they met us at the park to watch Virginia play on the swings.  She loves their attention.  Hope everyone has a good week.  My fingers are crossed this good weather continues, but I'm doubting it!

~Mary Keller