Mastering Lasagna

A while back I mentioned one thing on my winter to do list was to master a lasagna. Lasagna is one of those things I just feel like I should know how to make. It's the perfect recipe to whip up for a group but before now we had never attempted it.

So one evening a few weeks ago Andy and I gathered our ingredients and set out to make lasagna. We used this recipe from Tyler Florence but added a little more sauce to ours. I will warn you it makes a lot, so much that our dish was almost overflowing. I was worried so we baked ours on a baking sheet but it was fine. If you have a deep casserole dish this would be the perfect time to pull it out.
It was the perfect night of cooking together followed by an even more perfect meal.
We paired it with our favorite simple caeser salad (a recipe from MK's mother in law) and our favorite red wine. We learned our lesson and will definitely cook this for a group next time, we were eating lasagna for days! But I'm glad we now have a go to recipe to whip up next time we have company coming.

Up next, I'd like to try this mushroom lasagna recipe from Ina. MK made it once and we loved it, we're big mushroom eaters! Do you have a go to lasagna recipe? I'd love to hear any of your favorites.

- Heath


  1. I'm obsessed with those flower plates.

  2. I love those flower plates too! I saw a lamp in the same design the other day - you need it Heathie! Do we get the caeser salad recipe?