Snow Days

Sorry for the silence guys. Even though the snow is long gone here in Charlotte we are still trying to get back to normal. From Wednesday to Friday of last week it came down big time in Charlotte. At one point both MK and my parents in Columbia lost power! We snapped a few pics and even more snow followed these. It really was beautiful. MK and JD managed to finish up work early and walked in the pretty snow to the neighborhood bar for pimento cheese burgers. Andy and I escaped for a long drive to West Virginia for a quick ski trip. Andy deemed it his favorite Valentine's ever. After losing power, the rest of my family joined us and it was a wonderful weekend filled with skiing, back gammon(newly obsessed with this game!) and of course snuggles with the cutest little girl ever.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and for those in the South hope you were able to get out and play in the snow!

- Heath

PS Virginia is having some pictures taken this weekend and the bottom left photo is her practicing, too cute!


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