Around Here

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Yesterday was beautiful!  Perfect weekend weather!  Heath and Andy had a really fun weekend.  They had a quick little visit to Savannah for a friend's wedding.  Friday night included pizza and beer at Vinnie Van GoGos.  Saturday started with the best breakfast at Back in the Day Bakery (they highly recommend) and then they walked around beautiful downtown.  That evening they met up with their College of Charleston crew for the wedding and reception.  Sounds like it was a really beautiful evening.  (Heath plans to share more Savannah pics later one!) 

J.D., Virginia and I did just the opposite and laid low.  We got so much done around here.  Saturday Virginia attended her first birthday party.  She wasn't sure what to think at first but then showed off smiling and showing everyone that she now knows how to touch her toes.  We also finally got our kitchen pendant hung.  Woohoo for finally getting around to finishing the last little things our kitchen renovation!

Hope everyone has a good week!  Virginia starts daycare this week so it may be a tough one for both of us!  (She's been at home with a nanny but we finally got in a program.  Bittersweet.)
~Mary Keller


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