Around Here

Happy Monday guys! This weekend was a good one. One of those where you accomplish a good bit but still manage to relax. MK and JD had friends in town on Friday, they had drinks and dinner at Good Food, one of our favorites. They grabbed brunch on Saturday before their friends left and then we joined them for an impromptu porch party to taste some recipes Andy and I were testing. They had a relaxing Saturday night that included homemade pizza and Homeland. Sunday they stocked up on some spring items for Virginia's wardrobe (don't you love the white with blue embroidery!) and picked up a few new planters from Anthropologie too.

Ours had a little less going on but was still wonderful. We made shrimps tacos and dined al fresco on Friday night. On Saturday we ran around town and checked off all sorts of errands then made it home in time to test a few recipes we had on our list. We had snacks on the Costa's porch before heading home for a quiet Saturday evening.  Sunday Andy smoked some pork, his favorite, and I made chocolate chip cookies, my favorite! It was a really good weekend.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend too.

- Heath