Spring's IT Item: Sneakers

Have you guys noticed how popular sneakers have gotten? They’re everywhere, I love it! As much as I love to dress up I’ve always appreciated comfortable clothing. I love to walk, so most of my favorite shoes are conducive for a few miles at a minimum. There is nothing better to me than getting lost on a long walk in a new city. The best part about all of these sneakers - they can easily be worn with both casual jeans and a t-shirt or a spring dress or skirt. I already own a few pairs but also have my eye on these. I think sneakers are definitely Spring’s IT item.
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So espadrilles aren’t technically sneakers but they’re so close I’m throwing them in. I got these last fall and have been wearing them like crazy. They seem to go with everything and the darker color never appears worn. It’s a miracle/secret that I love because I tend to wear my shoes until they’re falling apart. The light weight fabrics keeps your tootsies cool too during warmer months, key in the South when temperatures get high pretty early.

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Lace up sneakers are the standard but the standard isn’t boring anymore, there are lots of options. I have a friend who wears these and I love them, I think she always looks so cool. But sometimes I have to face the fact that I’m just not cool enough to pull some things off(true story Andy told me this recently), and I think these are one of those things. So I may try these instead.

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Don’t you feel like slip on sneakers used to be reserved for skaters wearing Vans? That’s the first thing I thought when I started seeing these everywhere but they’re not just for skaters anymore… there are playful, feminine and old school options too.  Slip ons for everyone!

Are you guys wearing sneakers for Spring?

- Heath

PS do you ever associate certain colors or articles of clothing with certain people? I do! I always think of my mom when I wear red and I will forever think of my best friend Dinah when I see these little slip on Sperrys. We’ve been friends forever and I cannot think of a time that she didn’t own at least one pair. Love those little associations!

top image via A Piece of Toast


  1. I have a pair of white ones now that I wear all the time still!! Love you Heathie!

    PS - Where are the shoes from you are wearing in the picture? Love those! I got some Tom's recently and they are super comfortable but not really me. I like the ones you are wearing better - a little daintier than toms!

    1. Love that you're still rocking your Sperrys! That's not me in that photo hah but those espadrilles are Tory Burch. I left a link below. Tom's also makes a lace version too.

    2. Ok - thanks Heathie! May have to look into them. I could have sworn those were your skinny leggies in the photo. Are they MK's? Miss you!