Grilling with Chimichurri

MK mentioned here that we enjoyed a yummy dinner and wine last Saturday night. Andy and I had a few chicken breasts and some veggies laying around the house so we picked up a steak and headed over to MK's to grill with some friends. The weather didn't hold up quite as well as we had hoped, with scattered showers, but we (Andy) managed to grill everything to perfection still. It was a perfect little Spring evening spent with the doors open and food on the grill, I loved it!

Have you guys ever had chimichurri? My uncle made a delicious one last Christmas and we've been obsessed ever since. It's one of our favorite condiments for this time of year. Such bold herby flavors that go with everything! We tried this one from a cookbook we have but weren't thrilled with it so I think we'll try something like this next time.

Overall it was a delicious meal and was so easy. The chimichurri is just thrown into a food processor, veggies chopped and thrown on skewers and meat grilled. Note - we don't usually cook our meat on skewers mostly because its never works that well for us.  We usually just grill the chicken and steak whole and slice it.  It's super easy that way but either way is fine.  Everything can be served family style afterwards. The perfect little springtime meal.

Happy grilling!

- Heath

PS apologies for the iPhone photos


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