Happy Friday

Happy Friday friends!  So excited the weekend's here!  Is anyone up to anything fun?  Heath slipped away to Boston yesterday for a little long weekend getaway with her three best friends from college.  Sounds perfect right?  These 4 are truly besties like I've never seen before.  (Like don't even try to break into their group.  I did for Heath's bachelorette and they welcomed me, but they're not looking for new members to their gang.  4 people fit perfectly in one hotel room and they love each other so they're sticking to just each other.)  They're all spread across the country now, Charlotte, DC, Charleston and Austin so these every other year or so girls trips keep them close.

I can likely copy and paste my last Friday weekend plans for me, J.D., and Virginia. :)  We're staying in Charlotte and relaxing of course.  Tonight we're taking a homemade meal to neighbors and friends who just brought home their new baby boy.  Aren't home cooked meals that friends bring life savers those first few weeks?  Tomorrow we're not doing much.  Dare I say our projects around the house are just barely starting to slow down?  We're walking to an early dinner Saturday night at our neighbors' house which will be a lot of fun.  They have a son two months younger than Virginia and Virginia loves staring a squealing at him.

A few things that caught our attention this week, and then onto the weekend!

mmm...this Peanut Butter Bourbon Milkshake looks pretty much perfect.  I'm bookmarking this and may try to make a version (a simplified verison!) for us this weekend.  Sounds like it would be yummy for our bourbon loving friends for early Fall football games when it's still hot out too.

Enjoyed Goldmine Journal's thoughts on hospitality and more realistic entertaining for a new generation.  Parties don't need to be Pinterest worthy to be so much fun.

Congrats to Anna with The Yellow Table for making her cookbook dream a reality.  I've preordered a copy and can't wait to take a look.  Love her mission to bring friends around a table to share good food!!  There's really not much better to me.

And in supporting Anna's cookbook dream, I discovered Leanna Cooks, author of Good and Cheap.  You can help support this project here.  This is the coolest project guys.  She's offering a FREE cookbook that shares recipes for GOOD food on just $4 a day.  A $4 a day budget is what food stamp recipients receive and she's on a mission to bring quality, accessible food to everyone, even low income individuals.  I love this so much guys.  She offers a free downloadable PDF, but she's raising money to print the cookbook to distribute this to many organizations that serve low income families.  This is a non-profit deal.  She's not trying to get rich here.  Everyone can use this, even people like me who try to save money on meals more often than not.

I must be hungry because it looks like that's all that caught my eye this week.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  If you're doing anything fun we'd love to hear.

~Mary Keller

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