Happy Friday


Happy Friday friends!  We made it to the weekend!  Today will be a short day because J.D., Virginia and I are throwing a few things in a bag and hitting the road for the shortest ever trip to Charleston.  We won't even be there 24 hours, but that's okay.  We're having Virginia's picture taken by the insanely talented Olivia Rae James, and I couldn't be more excited.  Worth the trip, and that's saying a lot when a trip involves a baby.  We are literally driving to town and having her pictures made, then grabbing lunch and heading home.  I'm hoping I can talk J.D. into trying Leon's or The Park Café because they look delish!  (I'd really like to talk J.D. into letting us get ice cream at Jeni's too, but that may be pushing it.)  Have a good weekend friends and we'll see you Monday!

~Mary Keller

Image via Park Cafe


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