Artist Update | Lulie Wallace Textiles

I'm sure I'm not introducing anything new to you when I talk about the work of talented Charleston artist Lulie Wallace, but I just had to share some of her work with you guys because she's launching her new fabric collection today and it's gorgeous!

Lulie has been around a little while now, you may have seen some of her cheerful work at Anthropologie in pieces like this and this. So cool right?! Today she's launching an entire new line of tablescape paintings, fabrics and prints and has a show (open to the public) at Mixson Pool and Racquet Club this evening to celebrate.

I've loved the sneak peeks she's shown us on Istagram here and here so I can't even imagine how gorgeous the entire line will be all together. Also fun fact - I had the pleasure of meeting Lulie last year when I picked out my Teil painting, they're neighbors at Redux studios in Charleston, she's just as bright and kind as you can imagine from her paintings. She gave us a tour of Redux and honestly could not have been more hospitable! Really looking forward to what's to come with this talented lady.

- Heath

All images via Lulie Wallace 


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