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Do you guys read Garden and Gun?  It's really probably one of my top favorite magazines.  (If you're looking for a gift idea, I'm sure any southerner would love a subscription.)  They do a little thing every year highlighting and judging products made in the south, and their 2014 Made in the South Award winners have been announced.  Go check it out to see lots of different cool products, tons of good gift inspiration here too.  A few things that caught my eye....

Bittermilk took the award in the drink category.  You know my love for cocktails so I'm thinking this may be the next mixer I try.  Perfect for a guy stocking stuffer too.

Covington Spirits Sweet Potato Vodka sounds super interesting and really fun to gift someone who has everyone.  Vodka is my cocktail of choice so I'm checking this out.

Pure Sodaworks makes soda using all natural herbs, spices and juices.  The flavors are interesting too...things like hibiscus lemon and honey lime. 

Haand Pottery out of Eli Whitney, North Carolina makes the most beautiful sophisticated but earthy ceramic tableware.  Their products are minimal and stunning, and I'm obsessed! :)

There are so many other interesting, more unique items in their lineup -- really fun to look through!

~Mary Keller

All images via Garden & Gun


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