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 presents wrapped and ready to go under the tree | Christmas magic | Virginia's new needlepoint ornament, gifted from her great-grandparents | Virginia testing out her new (old) rocking chair | Saturday night charcuterie | more Christmas magic | presents under the tree | Sausage ragu over polenta mmm....
Happy Monday guys!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Did everyone do something Christmasy?  We celebrated Christmas with "my side" of the family this weekend, and everything was so fun and perfect, it put me in the best Christmas mood.  It's going to be hard to get anything work related done this week!  And it left me wanting another few days of Christmas celebrations with my family!
Heath & Andy, my parents and my grandparents came up for the day on Saturday.  We had a yummy brunch and opened presents.  My grandparents spoiled Virginia with a beautiful needlepoint ornament, one of the 12 days of Christmas ornaments.  It's so beautiful and I know Virginia will keep it forever.  They also gave her my grandmother's old rocking chair from when she was a child.  Virginia LOVES it.  She "rock rock"ed (her words) the rest of the day and got so relaxed in the chair she was practically in a trance.  My parents gave Virginia a sweet little silver baby spoon with a curved handle (similar here).  Over Thanksgiving weekend as we were setting the table, we found a spoon like this in my mom's silver, and Virginia LOVED it.  She ate off of that spoon that entire weekend, so my parents gifted her her own.  (Why aren't the curved handled spoons still popular?  They're so much easier for kids to handle.  Virginia seriously gobbled up her entire sausage ragu and polenta later that evening with her new curved spoon.  She's not coordinated enough to use the other type.)  anyway....
Hope everyone has a wonderful week whatever your plans may include!  We're wrapping up a few work things and then ready for the holiday!!
~Mary Keller
P.S. This was my first time testing The Yellow Table's Sausage Ragu over Polenta.  Heath and Andy had recommended it and it was SO good.  Very comforting and homey, and super has just a few ingredients for how delicious it is if you're looking for recipe ideas over the holidays.


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