Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!  Phew!  This was a long and short week all in one and I'm sure happy it's Friday.  We don't have any plans for the weekend and I have a feeling it may be may favorite weekend in a long time.  We're going to finish decorating our house for the holidays(my favorite!), try to knockout our holiday shopping and finally cook braised short ribs too!  What are you guys up to this weekend?

A few findings to get your weekend started...

ONE: We used big colorful lights on our Christmas tree this year and honestly I am so stuck, I cannot figure out if I like them. I know Andy thinks I'm crazy because it's just a tree but my tree is always my favorite so I'm stumped! I found myself flipping through this little slideshow over lunch this week trying to figure out if I should go back to my simple white lights. Are you guys colorful or white light fans?

TWO: I was so excited when MK sent me this playlist from Sarah at Note to Self. I was just telling Andy I wanted to listen to more holiday tunes so this was perfect timing! We listen to music all the time when we cook so this is the perfect playlist to get us in the holiday spirit.

THREE: I love love love holiday traditions so I really enjoyed reading this post from Taza. Tons of ideas for new and old holiday traditions; dates for two, and lots for the entire family too! I used to love going to see the lights when I was a kid so I decided I'm going to make a point to drive around town one evening and take it all in.

FOUR: This table by Hanna Seabrook on Glitter Guide was for Thanksgiving but it would be equally gorgeous for Christmas, don't you think? Andy and I are hosting Christmas at our home for the first time this year so again perfect timing for MK to send this over. Bookmarking this for later!

Have a good weekend!

- Heath


  1. BIG COLORFUL BULBS! We have white lights (also beautiful!), but I LOVE the traditional look. We may have to convert. They remind me of my childhood and a general state of jolly. :o)

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    1. Boots are from Anthropologie. Super cute right!!
      ~Mary Keller