Worthwhile | Palmetto Medical Initiative

One of my best friends, Tyler, does some pretty amazing work with Palmetto Medical Initiative in Charleston, SC.  Today she has agreed to share some thoughts on her work and organization as well as some really gorgeous photos Africa and Nicaragua where she gives back.

Palmetto Medical Initiative is a Charleston, SC based not for profit formed to provide quality accessible healthcare for people in developing countries. Their work is not only wonderful but also sustainable which to me is one of the most amazing components of their work. With each mission they strive to set up a "fully functional, independent medical facility that provides personal, valuable service to the patient. This enables community ownership of individual projects while simultaneously allowing PMI the freedom to plant our model in new communities."

One more thought from Tyler: "I realize that this is a not a new concept, and it is also not one that is restricted to the impoverished communities of East Africa and Central America. We are constantly put in situations and surrounded by people who may need to be reminded that they too are loved and valued. I have been able to take these lessons that I have learned during my travels to the developing world and apply them to my everyday life right here in Charleston. And for that I will always be thankful."

Visit their site here to get more involvedThank you so much for sharing Tyler! 

- Heath 

photo one by Jonathan Hoda; two, four and seven by Joshua Drake Photographysix by Craig Kutz; all others from Tyler 


  1. Thanks to Tyler for sharing - this is truly wonderful!

  2. You guys are the sweetest. I seriously have the most supportive and loving friends ever. Love y'all!