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Happy Monday guys!  This weekend was a good one but it really flew by!  Friday night we met friends at Dinner Lab.  It was a really fun night with friends, and a really cool location.  Saturday morning we met friends for a book club brunch.  We don't typically do that so it was fun to switch things up. 
Sunday was dedicated to the LaRoque Mini trunk show, and Annabelle (the owner and designer) brought up the cutest stuff!  Seriously I wanted everything for Virginia.  I LOVE her cute line because it's all very traditional cuts and styles for kids (I like kids to look like kids, not grown ups!) but she uses fabrics that are vintage or vintage inspired.  So fun, the good stuff was really going fast, but I finally grabbed Virginia the cute peacock and octopus top above before they were gone too.  (and this morning I'm kicking myself for being a "good" host and letting the guests buy all of the adorable origami dresses without me grabbing one.  They were the cutest!)  Overall it was a really fun day with friends, and Virginia popped in and out of the show loving the attention!
Have a good week guys!  this week is a short week for us.  We have our family ski trip coming up and we can. not. wait!!
~Mary Keller


  1. The trunk show was so much fun! Let's do it again next year. I think as hostess you should get first dibs :)