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This weekend as we were setting up for the LaRoque mini trunk show we got to talking about interiors.  Annabelle was commenting on the color of MK's dining room (you can see it here) and how institutional her home was going to feel when she returned home.  (Although we know her home is probably gorgeous!)  She explained she has all white walls, trim and doors and after seeing MK's home with a green dining room, grass clothed guest room and the occasional black door that her home felt too white.  I knew exactly what she meant but it's such a tricky in between don't you think?

I've never seen Annabelle's home but I know it's gorgeous based on her designs and taste I've seen so far.  But it got me thinking about how I use color in my home, or really for me there's a serious lack of color! Right now it feels right though, it feels comfortable for now. 

How much color do you use in your home? I'm not really into white so my home is more neutrals at this point but I'm so curious what I'll do with a future home that I spend a little more time/money decorating!

- Heath

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  1. love love that gray wall! redoing my room and i plan on using a darker grey shade - look great against white trim. xx!

  2. Tricky indeed, Heath! I am a big fan of white, ivory, and cream for most things. I enjoy color but just can't commit to one- especially if it's bold and in a large space. I like changing things up with pillows, throws, lamps, and fresh flowers. That way, when I tire of a certain shade, I can easily swap it out for another.