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hot chocolate stop at the Boathouse | looking a the deer in our back yard | yummy pancake breakfast | beautiful day on the mountain | big girl walking with Aunt Heath | lift views | nighttime puzzles and backgammon | walking to dinner with Aunt Heath 

Happy Monday guys! We took a little family vacation to Snowshoe, West Virginia last week and managed to miss the entire snow storm in Charlotte and the southeast. Hope everyone was able to enjoy the snow, we certainly did! We had the best weekend guys, lots of great skiing and perfect weather. Virginia was in heaven being with all her favorite people and learned about a new animal, deer, her new favorite!

The mountain doesn't get cell service and our internet was spotty so we all fully embraced the weekend away and it was really great. Between the snow, great food, and family it really was a wonderful weekend!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too!

- Heath


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