The Easiest Dessert Ever!

As much as I love to spend time baking sometimes you just need to whip something up in no time at all. So a little while ago while watching Chuck Hughes' show (another show I'm pretty sure no one knows exists except us!) I was so excited to find the easiest dessert ever. Chuck incorporated this dulce de leche as an ingredient in his Banoffee pie but it's just as delicious on it's own so I wanted to share.

It's as easy as heating a can of sweetened condensed milk for 3.5 hours. I think we've done it both ways, once boiling and once as Chuck instructed in the oven. Either are super easy and give you a rich delicious dulce de leche perfect for topping a bowl of good (store bought) vanilla ice cream. That's it, dessert is ready! So simple right? You can use this recipe for more detailed steps. 

If you're coming to my house for a dinner party anytime soon don't be surprised if you get to try this! Any other super easy desserts I should try?

- Heath 

PS these dulce de leche brownies look so good and now I'm dying to try these salted dulce de leche bars too!

image one and two 


  1. What a fantastic shortcut. Or shall I say, longcut, as it takes while. But so easy! I used this in a caramel pecan bar recipe- so, so good. And you are not alone, I've seen Chuck's show. As far as easy desserts, Ina always has the best suggestions- balsamic and black pepper strawberries, melted ice cream with pound cake, and her mocha icebox cake (that one is to die for!) Now I'm getting hungry...


    1. Kira! You're speaking my love language bringing up my "friend" Ina! I LOVE her balsamic & black pepper strawberries! and that mocha icebox cake is on the top of my list!!
      ~Mary Keller

    2. Hi Mary Keller! Any friend of Ina's is a friend of mine! She's my hero- seriously. The icebox cake is out of this world. And of course, you must use Tate's Cookies. But you already knew that! ;)