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Andy's steak birthday dinner | with homemade onion rings! | Saturday biking the Greenway | birthday boy | more homemade goodness - salty pretzels | Virginia stealing Aunt Heath's change purse | V perusing Aunt Heath's makeup | Virginia trying to talk Aunt Heath and Uncle Andy into going "night night" with her!
Happy Monday guys!  Why can't we just have one more day!  It was a good (crazy rainy!) weekend.  Friday night Heath and Andy celebrated Andy's birthday with steak and homemade onion rings.  J.D., Virginia and I had a nice, cozy pizza night in.  Saturday we managed to do some productive things around the house, went for a long family bike ride along the Greenway and then met Heath & Andy at Triple C where Virginia emptied Heath's purse, tried on all her make up, and tried to make friends with a baby and standard poodle.  It was a nice afternoon!
Sunday was rain, rain and more rain.  Heath and Andy decided they wanted to cook a German feast and brought over the fruits of their labor - super delicious salty, homemade pretzels, vinegary potato salad and smoked pork and brats!  It was super yummy and even V gobbled it up!  Virginia of course didn't want Heath and Andy to leave.  She even tried to make them laydown to go night-night with her when she got tired.  :)  Sweet girl.  Hope everyone else had a good one too!
~Mary Keller


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