Our Grandmother's Signature Style

My grandmother has been cleaning out her house and with my mom’s help made MK and me a photo album with lots of old photos. She brought them to us a few weeks ago and I’ve flipped through mine so many times since. I’m obsessed! There are photos of my great grandparents from the 20s you guys, it’s so awesome!!

The best part, other than the family memories, is seeing how my grandparents have changed and in some cases haven’t changed through the years. The best example - for as long as I can remember my grandmother has worn her hair the exact same style every single day. 

As a kid you don’t notice these things but as an adult I realized that’s her "uniform" and after looking at the photo album I realized she’s been rocking that uniform for years, long before I was even around.  Isn’t that crazy?! I love it! It almost defines her now. She is very simple with her beauty routine. Her hair is pulled back into a clip every single day - she changes the clip occasionally, I guess that’s where she switches things up. She wears a tinted moisturizer/foundation and lipstick and that’s it. Every. Single. Day. Now I’m sure I’m biased but I think she looks beautiful with her simple routine and I honestly can’t imagine her doing anything differently. This made me think not only can you have a wardrobe uniform (which we talk about a lot!) but also a beauty uniform as well. Do you do the same thing with your hair and make-up daily or switch it up?

After thinking about it more, I think there’s something classic about that and it can be just as stylish as following new trends. Don’t you think?!

 - Heath 


  1. Heath, the pics from when she was younger yall look like twins! Great pictures!! �� ~Shannon

    1. hah Shannon you're definitely not the first to tell me that! Aren't the pictures so fun?