Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! What is everyone doing this weekend? I'm excited we have a friend coming into town from Tennessee and are catching a baseball game this evening. Otherwise we're not doing much but it should be really nice to relax and enjoy a weekend at home in Charlotte.

A few findings to get your weekend started...

ONE | Victoria shared this article from the Wall Street Journal and it really resonated with me. I don't know about you guys but I've been having less and less luck at J.Crew lately. It's frustrating because what used to be a go to spot is now just striking out with high prices and strange fits. I'm curious your thoughts...

TWO | Joanna shared this article from the Boston Globe about slow parenting. While I'm not a parent I can still appreciate the concept and actually thought about it last night while babysitting Virginia. Andy and I took her for a ride on her tricycle and she was perfectly content at one point watching the squirels, cats, and birds running around everywhere. She was in heaven and instead of saying OK V let's keep moving I just let her watch them play. She would blow them kisses and stick her tongue out at them like they were her little friends, so sweet!

THREE | Can someone please find a reasonable version of these flats?! I first noticed these flats here and have since found this slightly less expensive Michael Kors version but I'm dying to find a reasonable pair. Help I LOVE 'em!

FOUR | This article on Domaine, 16 gorgeous vacation rentals around the world, caught my attention. How gorgeous are these rentals? A lot of them are reasonable too. I have a dream for my 40th birthday all my favorite people will join me in renting a villa in Italy. I bookmarked both Italian villas and I'm crossing my fingers it happens one day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath


  1. Heath, this is so funny! I'm actually having more and more luck with J. Crew lately (shopping the sales, though, cause there's no denying that those prices are climbing!) - I feel like they're finally making a pair of bottoms or two that fit my tush- ha! I hope your luck improves - it would be better if they could just add a few fits rather than replacing others... xo-