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Virginia waiting on her Daddy to get home for Father's Day

Happy Monday guys!  Heath and I didn't intend to disappear like that last week!  Life is full and crazy in the best way.  Last week and weekend I was in Chicago for work, and I spent the remainder of the week playing catch up.  Heath was super busy with work plus some exciting personal news (will share soon!) so we never made it back here as planned.

But, it was a super good weekend and we're feeling maybe a little bit caught up  J.D. spent the weekend in Atlanta for a bachelor party so Virginia and I had a few mama/daughter dates - we went to a birthday party, tidied the house and got stuff ready for a Father's Day dinner when J.D. returned home on Sunday night.  We grilled and relaxed and had blue cheese burgers, wine, frozen yogurt and toasted how happy we were to celebrate Father's Day.  (Actually we put tired Virginia to bed and J.D. and I toasted how happy we were and grilled burgers!)

Hope everyone has a good week!  We have a fun week planned, but as always I'm already looking forward to another weekend. :)

~Mary Keller


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