Photo Diary | NYC

A few weeks ago Andy and I snuck away to NYC.  It was kind of an anniversary trip (which is funny when you read about where we stayed) and was such a great weekend! It truly felt like we were gone for a while and did only what we wanted during our time away, the perfect getaway! I will warn you this was not a tourist trip, if you're going to NYC for the first time I'd recommend a slew of other things but if you've been a few times I highly recommend staying in a neighborhood and really getting to know it. It was such a nice weekend!

Also I had to laugh because this trip is a perfectly clear picture of what matters to Andy and me. We found a cheap flight via Kayak Explore and decided why not go to NYC? We've both been but not together so this seemed like a perfect spot to enjoy leisurely with no pressure to do anything touristy. We literally just wandered all over town and I love wandering so it was heaven!

We stayed at the Larchmont, a budget hotel, like hall bath kind of budget. I'd compare it to a bare bones European budget hotel. It's not for everyone but it was exactly what we wanted. We spent all our dollars on food and loved every minute of it!

Friday we arrived just in time for dinner down the street from our hotel at Cafe Cluny. It was the perfect start to our weekend. It's a super cozy spot with yummy cocktails, grilled octopus and amazing braised pork shank!

Saturday we met some friends and their adorable baby for brunch at Hundred Acres. After a few bloody marys(I loved the royal!), goat cheese-sage bread pudding and a burger we were full and happy.

Not too full for a chocolate chip cookie though!

We walked for a while with our friends before taking a breather on this little stoop. I kind of love how this photo turned out. We didn't get many photos of the two of us this weekend but the ones we did I just love!

The streets of SOHO.

One of the many reasons I love West Village - trees everywhere! 

Loved seeing these good friends and their sweet girl! 

The absolute best part of the Larchmont hotel is the location. Located on W 11th street, we were in the heart of the most beautiful tree lined streets. It was gorgeous and central to other neighborhoods too. 

On Sunday we grabbed a bagel at Murray's and went for walk. There's something I love about the public spaces in a big city. I could watch kids play in the park for hours, so cute!

We didn't wander into the Gansevoort Market but I kind of wish we did. We walked past and it was adorable. Look at that cute flower shop! 

We walked along the Highline too and loved it. We didn't stop at this beer garden but I've heard great things and it looked so fun, maybe next time.

We picked up a popsicle for Andy and shave ice for me and wandered along the tracks...

We stopped in Chelsea Market on our way back "home" and if I'm being honest it was not for us. It was extremely crowded and while each spot seemed really cool (especially some of the markets) it was just impossible to enjoy ourselves. I think next time I'd either go really early or check out Gansevoort Market

These streets, they're just so good. We walked for hours, that's really all we did. Walk, stop for a snack, walk some more, stop for a beer, walk some more... 15 miles on Sunday! So thankful Andy wanders with me, there's just nothing better!

We met the cutest older man walking through the Village, he's been living there for forty years and was still walking around admiring the beauty, with his camera out too! He recommended us walk down to the waterfront and it was a great recommendation. It was the perfect spot to rest our feet with some people watching. 

I love this shot of the scaffolding on the left, as expected there's a lot of scaffolding around but they really do make the best of it! And on the right - Mary's Fish Camp! I highly recommend it for oysters and a beer at the "barnacle room" aka the waiting area or a seat at the bar for the lobster roll. So good we went twice! 

The unassuming spot on the left, The Spotted Pig, is where we had our best meal. It was amazing - old fashioneds, roquefort burger, sea bass, ricotta gnudi, every single thing! I cannot recommend it enough. They don't take reservations but there are a hand full of bars around the corner you can grab a beer while you wait.

More stoops, they're just all too good!

We didn't make it to Central Park, it's the only place we hated to miss, but it just never happened and with everything else we did it's hard to complain. We did however take a walk through Washington Square park which I'll take any day. NYC definitely has the best parks!

Sunday we ventured from our little neighborhood and made our way down to Nolita (for the Clare V store!) and did a loop through Chinatown, Little Italy and Tribeca on the way back home. It was really neat to see the differences as we walked through each neighborhood. 

In a next life I'll have cocktails in this "Private Court"!

Monday morning before we left we went out for one more bagel and our one tourist must-do. Neither Andy nor I had ever seen the 911 memorial and it was breathtaking. There's no way to explain it but it was really incredibly moving and I'm glad we made a point to see it. 

I'm shocked I have no pictures of food but not included above is as much delicious food as one can humanly fit into a three day span. We came home very full and very happy - NYC we hope to see you soon!

- Heath


  1. I lived a few doors down from the Vesuvio Bakery a few moons ago! Sure did love that place :)

  2. That sounds heavenly Amanda! We had coffee at a spot across the street that was great too, and weirdly reasonably priced ;)