Pottery Barn Kids Lighting

When I was in Nashville over the weekend, I commented on how much I loved my friend's light fixture in her daughter's room.  She replied that it was from Pottery Barn Kids!  I don't know why, but I've never really given Pottery Barn Kids much thought!  I certainly love their seasonal stuff for kids (Virginia's Easter basket for example!) but most of the time their bedding has seemed so girly and their stuff generally is kind of expensive.  I was browsing their lighting when I got home and I was pretty impressed! 

ONE | Courtland Sconce - it's hard to beat a $64 sconce that's hardwired to the wall!  We used Pottery Barn sconces in Heath's bedroom a while back and they look really nice.  I think if you changed the shade to a pretty pleated option in color, they would look really high end.

TWO | Pagoda Pendant - the most expensive at $299, but my favorite!  this would look perfect just about anywhere - a kitchen, bathroom with high ceilings, kids room, etc.  I have a fixture on order for my bedroom, but if it doesn't work out I'm going to try this out.  I love the finish on this, but it would also look really cool painted a bright color.

THREE | Dahlia Chandelier - this is the fixture that caught my eye at my friend's house!  In person it's more natural and less white.  I've seen a few versions of this fixture a handful of places, but the quality on this seems really nice.  (Nothing like the original, but there's about a $3,000 price difference!)

FOUR | Liam Glass Pendant - I love a little bit of black in almost every room - I always think it helps!  I like this pendant with it's black accent, and I also like how it has a less feminine feel than the rest. 

My go to sources for lighting are typically West Elm, Shades of Light, local boutiques and most recently One Forty Three.  Where else am I missing that has a good selection?

~Mary Keller


  1. I just went online this minute and purchased that pagoda pendant! :o)