Grilled Cheese Party

A few weeks ago MK talked about some of our favorite Fall foods but we neglected to include one of my absolute favorites, the perfect grilled cheese. I love a grilled cheese year round but it’s usually best in the fall when the melted cheese makes your entire body feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh and dipping it in the perfect tomato soup is bonus!  I love Gwyneth’s tomato soup and MK loves Giada’s too!

We did a little experimenting a few weeks ago with different combinations and came up with a few keepers below.

Three cheese (cheddar, gruyere and fontina) with pickled jalapenos (super easy to make homemade!)
Gruyere and granny smith apples
Fontina with prosciutto and red pepper flakes

We also decided that this would be perfect for a fall football party. You can have all your toppings and ingredients prepared in advance and then let everyone make their own grilled cheese on a panini press or cast iron skillet whenever they’re ready. Super casual but super accommodating because everyone gets exactly what they want. Perfect for a long day of football!

What’s your favorite combination?

- Heath

PS I’m dying to try this one!


  1. Anything with Ham. The type of bread (I love pullman loaf) and butter (Kerrygold!) can make a huge difference in the end result too. Love that this is "Make your own" and not something typical like Tacos...