Mother Denim

I had a blast in Austin this weekend.  It's such a great city.  I'll have a full recap of my weekend later, but first I want to discuss a new brand I found while shopping on 2nd Street in downtown Austin. I may be late to the game, but this was my first time trying on Mother Denim. The name may get you thinking of gross mom jeans but my experience was the exact opposite. I tried on a bootcut pair and they felt like butter. I'm not kidding, these jeans were as soft as cashmere and as comfortable as my pajamas! I didn't purchase them but my friend did and she hasn't stopped raving about them since.

I've been thinking about a pair of high waisted flare or wide leg jeans and those seem to be one of their specialties. 

- Heath

Image via The Fashion Drop


  1. These jeans look delightful! I had so much fun with you in Austin and cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from your trip!