Perfecting a Recipe - Pizza Dough

There are a handful of recipes that we'd love to be able to whip out, good classic recipes that we wish we could make without thinking.   In the past when we've compared recipes, too much time has passed and we forget what we did and didn't like about each recipe.  We decided to spend a week focusing on one single recipe.  That way we will hopefully "master it" - we'll memorize it and hopefully know our oven's quirks and our own personal likes and dislikes. 

Next week we're perfecting homemade pizza dough!  That means we get to have thin, crusty homemade Italian pizza every night for dinner.  We will be trying out a different dough recipe every night for dinner.  We'll make notes, compare cooking times, ingredients, etc., and decide which one is perfect for us. 

First, we'll try Jamie Oliver's Classic Pizza Dough.  It looks like his secret is Italian "00" Flour.  Next we'll try Smitten Kitchen's Rushed Pizza Dough (recipe listed here) because if possible it would be nice to avoid the normal hour+ that dough usually takes to rise.  We will test this delicious looking homemade Margherita Pizza Recipe from Italy on You Tube.  We'll try this Basic Neapolitan Pizza Dough too, and lastly because I'm curious, we'll try Trader Joe's Dough.  I'm curious to see if we'll see any difference!

While I'm partial to thin crust pizzas, this is a great site for a handful of other types of pizza dough if anyone is interested!

- Mary Keller

Image by Buff Strickland via Camille Styles


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