Totally Toile

Do you love or hate toile?  If I had to bet, I'd guess Heath's in the hate it camp!  I love it as long as it's used in a modern, an unexpected way or if it's used in excess.  I'm an old fashioned kind of girl so I really love it just about any way, but notice in the images above that almost the entire room is covered in toile.  Most of the spaces are small and tight.  The singular pattern makes the room feel cozy and actually larger, rather than boring and tiny.  Most of these images would never date themselves either.

- Mary Keller

Top image Tori Mellot's Kitchen originally from Dominio Magazine via The Decorista; Second image via Alessandra Branca Interior Design; Third image via Lonny Magazine; Fourth images source unknown - please let us know if you know the source of this image.