Leontine "Like" Linens

I have two small bathrooms that I'm finally going to give some attention.  Nothing major, just fresh paint, linens and accessories.  I LOVE Leontine Linens like everyone else, but they're too pricey for my budget right now!  I've been looking for a handful of different linens that achieve a similar look.  I think the trick is to avoid the standard plain solid terry cloth towel and instead try to select something with some type of detail -- a scalloped edge, colored trim detail, etc.  Also, adding an interesting monogram (versus the standards that Pottery Barn and other major retailers offers) makes a BIG difference.  Leontine Linens and Gramery have great examples of interesting monograms on their website that you can take to a local embroiderer.  I think Gramery's Matouk Esperanza towel with an interesting monogram may be my pick!

~ Mary Keller

Top image photo credit Lonny Magazine via Wayfair Blog; Second image photo credit Lonny Magazine via Design Darling Blog

Towel Round Up:  Image one Pottery Barn; Image two Gramercy Esperanza; Image three Gramercy Como; Image four Serena and Lilly; Image five West Elm Waffle Stripe


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