Dream Vacation - Cumberland Island

We're starting a new series about dream vacations. Some will be quick weekend getaways and others extravagant vacations somewhere far away. But all of these unique vacations have us dreaming about our next interesting vacation spot wherever it may be!

A while ago a coworker mentioned a trip his family takes annually to Cumberland Island, Georgia. I was completely smitten once he explained this uninhabited island.  Cumberland Island is Georgia's largest barrier island off the southern cost and was originally Thomas and Lucy Carnegie's 19th century retreat. Now the island is car free and only accessible by a passenger ferry. There are very few year round residents and even fewer accommodations for guests, but there is availability to camp on parts of the island. I know camping isn't for everyone but there's something about how untouched this land is that has me dreaming of a weekend camping trip along this gorgeous coast. The beaches still have wild horses roaming freely and are home to loggerhead sea turtles. How cool!

For all you non campers (cough cough MK) there is the Greyfield Inn which looks absolutely dreamy as well!

- Heath

PS Cumberland Island is also where JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were married!

Image 1 via Globe Attractions; Image 2 via Luxury Vacation Source and Flickr ; Image 3 via Greyfield Inn


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