Steak Club: French Bistro

If your friends are expecting the classic American steak and baked potato dinner for this months Steak Club, I think they'll be pleasantly surprised with this French Bistro twist.  Ina Garten's Steak Au Poivre is absolutely delicious, and it's less difficult than many versions.  If you're cooking for a smaller group, I would recommend cooking steaks on the stove top as described in her recipe.  If you're cooking for a large group, you can throw the steaks on the grill, and make the delicious steak au poivre demi glaze sauce on the stove to serve along side the steaks.  Along with the steaks I'd serve crisp, thin cut fries and a simple green salad, just as you would see in France.  We love Ellie Krieger's Garlic Fries.  The fries and salad dressing can be prepped and ready and advance, and then just pop the fries in the oven as guests arrive.  With dinner I would serve a good wine, but for pre dinner cocktails, classic Kir Royales would be delicious with a few store bought cheese straws.

~ Mary Keller

Steak image via Chantelle Grady; Oven Baked Fries image via Becoming Betty; French Green salad image via The Daily Meal; Kir Royale image via The Framed Table


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