Derby Party Mint Julep Bar

The Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend and I'm really wishing I could be there!  If you're not attending to the Derby, it's a fun excuse to have people over to watch the race.  A great Mint Julep bar, ham sandwiches, a few side dishes and traditional derby pie and you have a party.  For this Mint Julep bar, I tried to find interesting variations of the classic cocktail.  You of course still have to have ingredients on hand for the classic Julep as well!

Mint Julep Bar Ingredients:
Sugar & Water to make a delicious Simple Syrup in advance
Lots of fresh Mint
Crushed/Pellet Ice (can sometimes be tricky to find, but makes a difference!)
Lemon and Fresh Strawberries
Ginger Liqueur
Peach Liqueur or Peach Preserves
Moonshine and Cognac
Silver/Pewter tumblers, Mason Jars or Old Fashioned Glasses
Cocktails and Variations
With the ingredients above, you're party will be set to let your guests help themselves to any of the following cocktails:
The Classic Mint Julep via Garden and Gun
A fresh Basil Julep instead of the traditional Mint
A Georgia Julep twist by adding Peach Preserves or Liqueur
A Ginger Julep for a variation with a bite via Saveur
For the non-bourbon lovers, a fun Strawberry Moonshine punch  

- Mary Keller

Top image by Margaret Houston via Garden and Gun; Bottom Image one via Southern Living; Botton Image two via BridePop; Bottom image three by Bren Herrera via Flanboyant Eats


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