Time to Pot

Last fall, to my surprise, my husband Andy brought home a Meyer lemon tree. We're still new to the gardening game but he has been doing a lot of research so I'm excited. At the time, we looked into transplanting the tree from its original small plastic pot but learned it's best to wait until spring. Now all of a sudden spring is here and we just realized our little tree is still in its sad plastic home. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect planter for our tree lately and these photos have been my inspiration. 
We need a pot suitable for indoor and outdoor use since lemon trees can't withstand our winter temperatures. Our little guy is currently about 3 feet tall but we're hopeful to have a full grown 5 foot tall lemon tree within a few years, so we want to find a pot that it can grow into. We have one lemon thus far but I'm really hoping in years to come we'll have more lemons than we can handle. 

- Heath

Image 1 by Mikael Duboi; Image 2 via Domino Magazine; Image 3 via Michael Penney Style; Image 4 Top Left via Well Appointed House, Center via Jayson Home, Top Right and Bottom Left and Right via Home Depot. 


  1. I was surprised with a meyer lemon tree too! Can't wait to see what you pick so I'll know what to get :)