Steak Club!

My parents really good friends belong to a "Steak Club."  They have a group of about 10 couples that meet one Friday night a month, and each couple takes turns hosting.  (At Christmas, all 10 couples throw in for a really nice catered steak party.  This club sounds very fancy and fun, huh?!)  On the menu is always steak.  Each month all couples bring their own beverages and steaks, and the hosts provide all the sides of their choosing.  I love this idea and for this first Steak Club we're sticking to updated versions of the classic steakhouse combination - steak, loaded baked potato and the classic iceberg wedge to go along with it!

This party is easy easy to host.  For the steaks, if you only have a small group, I highly recommend this Steakhouse Steaks method from Ina Garten.  This is hands down the best way I've tried cooking a steak for just a few people.  If you have a large group, fire up the grill and toss everyone's steak on the grill.  The sides can be preparred in advance.  Instead of traditional baked potatoes, serve fully loaded twice baked potatos.  You can serve the potatoes in their skin or in small gratin dishes.  Prepare the potatoes in advance, even freeze them the weekend before, and just sprinkle fresh cheese on as you pop them in the oven to reheat.  For your classic Iceberg Salad Wedge, add bacon, fresh crumbled blue cheese and tomatoes like this version from Katie Lee.  This entire salad can be chopped and assembled in advance, and just add the blue cheese crumbles and dressing before serving.

Even though this party is easily BYOB and Steaks, it would be fun to serve a twist on the classic Steakhouse Cosmopolitan as guests arrive.  Ina Garten's Pomegranate Cosmopolitan's are the perfect starter cocktail!  They're not syrupy or too sweet and they can be made ahead by the pitcher.  They're fresh and strong and just the way to get the party started!

Top image Steakhouse Steaks photograph by Quentin Bacon via Barefoot Contessa; Twice Baked Potatoes image via Food Network; Iceburg Lettuce Wedge image via Katie Lee at Home; Pomegranate Cosmo image by Bon Appetit


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