Starting a Collection: Teil Duncan

I love art and beautiful antiques, interesting accessories and furnishings.  Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, purses and jewelry as much as the next girl, but my priority tends to be on interior design and things for the home.  I think things collected over time for the home add history and warmth to homes, and home purchases last MUCH longer than fashion purposes.  (Truthfully, other than maybe a Burberry Trench or Chanel purse, not many fashion purposes last for years and years as art and furniture does.)

Budget doesn't allow for most of us to fully decorate our homes all at once, but I think that's a good thing because rooms should not be "done" overnight.  This gorgeous home tour of Hanna Seabrook on Glitter Guide has me feeling like I'm not crazy or the only one who appreciates items with history.  I'm really lucky to have a husband who appreciates my love for art, antiques and a beautiful home, and he supports these types of purchases trusting me that when we are old our home will be filled with pieces that tell our story. 

We put a little money away each month while budgeting to save up for one piece of our "collection" each year.  Truthfully, it doesn't matter how much room you have in your budget, but if you make a plan and put a little money away each month, it adds up.  Just $20 a month (less than one pedicure!) will add up to an original Michelle Armas piece at the end of year.  Don't shy away from small original pieces if that is what your budget can afford.  I actually think that small pieces are easier to use.  They can be added together to create a larger gallery wall, tucked in bookshelves, or used on a quirky small wall. 

The next artist I have my eye on is Teil Duncan in Charleston, South Carolina.  I would love one of her Figure Study pieces.  I love the color and playfulness of them, and I think they'd add life to an otherwise traditional interior and can be equally at home in a contemporary setting.  She has beautiful smaller Figure Study pieces starting at just $140 and they go up from there.  Let me know if there is another artist or item you have your eye on to begin or add to your collection!

~Mary Keller

P.S.  I'll let you know which piece we end up selecting!

All images via Teil Duncan


  1. MK, I love these!!! I may have to follow your lead! :o)

  2. I love Teil's pieces. And I love Teil. So FUN!

  3. I just linked here from your comment on Peppermint Bliss. I instantly fell in love with your "find" and ordered Lean Back VI. I had been looking for a unique piece as I am redoing my adult son's room. It still has to be "his" room but he doesn't live with us anymore. The colors of the one I chose are perfect for the room. Her style feels so contemporary and classic at the same time. Thanks!