My Look, Her Look, Mom's Look

A while ago, inspired by this book, MK, my mom and I all sat down and fine tuned what defined each of our styles. We thought we all had fairly similar taste, but it was interesting to see how each of us is very different. I highly recommend this book, it encourages you to sit back and truly discover what your own personal style is and discusses how simple shopping can be once you have our own "Style Statement".  It's simple, every purchase you make, you simply ask the question "does this fit into my style statement?" While this may seem a little quirky, it's actually a really interesting exercise. The other interesting part of this exercise is how one article of clothing, or one accessory can fit into two very different style statements. This part truly resonated with me because my mom has a tendency to give MK and I the same gifts. We're two years apart so it's been happening for a long time and I'm not complaining because she's the best gift giver! But there is a pretty good chance that if you see me wearing a gift from my mother, MK owns it too. This brings me to the point of this whole schpeel; my style is very different from that of my sister and mother yet our closets overlap in many ways. I want to celebrate the versatility of clothing and demonstrate how one item be worn in many ways and fit into to many different style statements. First up, J. Crew's Ratti Electric Kiwi Tank.

 Jeans via Emerson Fry, Watch via Asos, Earrings via Furbish, Clutch via Anthropologie, Scarf unknown, and Shoes are Luxury Rebel via ShopBop

While my style is pretty classic, I do tend to dress more trendy and eclectic than both my sister and mom. We have an ongoing joke about how my mom thinks my style is more "bohemian". That's her go to word! While I'm not sure my style is bohemian, I definitely like a more layered and unique look.

JBrand Black Skinny Jeans, Necklace and Earrings via Stella and Dot, Jack Rogers Sandals , and Clutch via Clare Vivier 

My sister's style is very classic, there is no doubt about it. She's also a little more feminine in her style. I think all the items above are pretty timeless yet still very current. That's her go to look!
Jeans via Not Your Daughters Jeans, Blazer via Zara, Shoes via Joie, Handbag via Kate Spade, Watch via Brooks Brothers, and Earrings via Debenhams

My mom has a more bright and playful sense of style than either of us kids. She's a pretty happy lady and likes to wear colors that reflect it. She's also more into matching, hence the reason I knew she'd love this peach crossbody to bring out the peach in the tank too! And if you're thinking the outfit above isn't overly mom-ish, I agree. I actually own a white blazer and similar chain watch. So that about brings this full circle. One item can be worn lots of different ways and fit multiple styles.

- Heath


  1. I looooove Style Statement! Thanks for introducing it to me. And I obviously love all three styles. Precious precious poodles.

  2. I have been telling myself that I do not know my style and I never know what to buy! I may have to read that book! Love the blog! Shannon :)