Kitchen Renovation Progress

I came home from Chicago to find some major kitchen renovation progress!  I guess it has to get worse before it can get better.  A few demolition shots are shown below.  I'm so excited this is finally happening.  Between now and when the renovation is complete, JD and I will be washing our two bowls, two plates and two coffee mugs in the tiny downstairs bath, living off whatever meals I can come up with that do not involve an oven, stove or microwave!  This should be fun!

Old cabinets are completely gone!  Ultimately the new sink will go under the left window, and the right window will be removed and replaced with French doors.

Standing in the old kitchen looking into what used to be the breakfast room.  The drywall is gone and I can already tell how much more open this space will feel with this wall removed. 

Ultimately this door to the outside will be removed and this wall will instead have our pantry, a little desk and built in ovens.

 Layers and layers of old charming wallpapers!

The former breakfast room looking into the kitchen.  A wall used to block this view! 

~Mary Keller


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  4. The destruction of the kitchen is awesome! Hehe! You've got great plans for your kitchen and I'm pretty sure that you'll end up with something spectacular. Placing an outdoor pantry is also a good idea and I know your friends and family will love eating there. Your ovens will surely be the talk of the town when already installed. Just make sure that you asked professional contractors to install the ovens so that you won't experience any mishaps in the future. :)