Starting a Collection: Demilune Table

A few months back, I did a post on starting a collection featuring artist Teil Duncan.  I love the idea of being really intentional about certain things that you purchase and bring into your home.  Not every piece of art can be a real piece of art, and not every piece of furniture can be expensive, but I think it's important to be intentional, think long term, and try to be smart about certain pieces you buy.  (Otherwise, every decade or time that you move you'll be starting from scratch.  It's better to over time collect quality pieces that you love!)

One furniture piece that I think is worthy of an "investment" is a demilune table.  If you save and decide to splurge on one piece of furniture to begin building your collection, I think a demilune table is a safe purchase.  You can use a beautiful demilune table in a million ways.  They can be used in a tight entry hall, in a den, in a narrow hallway, or even as a bedside table.  Take a look at all of these examples below:

Love this image!  This demilune table is clearly a gorgeous piece that is timeless and will never go out of style, but it still manages to look youthful and hip when paired with quirky accessories.

This image is from the same apartment as the first image.  This demilune table is in a completely different finish and works so well in this tight hallway.

Again, same shape table, but a completely different look.  The iron base and stone top have a more French look, but the table is equally timeless and could be used anywhere.  (LOVE this paint color too, and love how the door in the background is painted the same color as the hallway, trim and all.)

Beautiful wood demilune used as a beside table in this bedroom. 

Another demilune (with a dropleaf that is propped against the wall) that certainly doesn't feel granny or stuffy when paired with the convex mirror and awesome coral orange lantern.  (Notice the amazing tortoise shell trim at the ceiling?!)

Love this entry, with an understated little demilune console.

Another nice thing about a demilune table is that you don't have to spend a million dollars to get a quality piece that you'll keep forever.  (It cost a lot of money to purchase a chest, dining table, or buffet table that is a high enough quality that you'd actually want to keep it forever.)  But, for a few hundred dollars you should be able to find a demilune table at an antique store in a beautiful finish that I promise you'll use forever.  To find one, take a look at Craiglist, online auctions, ebay and local antique shops.  Look for classic lines and a wood finish that is good shape.  I think you will actually spend less on ebay and in an antique store than you would at any major big box store, and you'll have a piece with history which always gives a space a better feel.

So, moral of the story, instead of buying 2 mediocre furniture pieces with the money you've saved, purchase one quality furniture piece (maybe a demilune if you like these looks!) and then turn to Craiglist, buy something inexpensive and add a fresh coat a paint for your second piece.  I promise 20 years from now you'll be happy to at least still be using this one quality piece that you added to your collection!

~Mary Keller

Images: First image via Lonny magazine January/February 2013; Second image via Lonny magazine January/February 2013; Third image via Lonny magazine; Fourth image unknown (if you know the source for this image, please let us know and we will credit asap); Fifth image via House Beautiful;  Sixth image via Canadian House and Home


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