Happy Friday!

Happy Friday team! Hope you guys had a good week. We had a pretty slow week which you can tell from the photos above. Andy and I celebrated a small work thing earlier this week with charcuterie and wine, my favorite! I started a few mornings off with my favorite mug. I love how one small thing can have such a large impact on my day. We went for a nice walk around the neighborhood last night since its been cooling down some in the evenings and I treated myself to a few girl scout cookies and ice cream! 

I'm pretty excited for what's in store for us this weekend. We're staying home tonight and finishing up our fish taco tasting and making my favorite margarita too! Tomorrow we're heading to Columbia for the night to celebrate MK, JD and their new addition with friends out on the lake. And here are a few fun things I found online… 

Loving this Mezcal Tasting!

Just discovered this Henry and Belle's line of Denim out of Chicago and I think I may have to stop by on my trip in September. (via The Everygirl

After seeing Naomi's pictures of their family trip home to Moab, Utah I have officially put this on my places to visit list. Those red rocks are ridiculous! 

Just discovered this vintage jewelry site and I'm loving everything. 

After seeing MK and Joanna write about Pinhole Press recently I think its time to get focused and make a wedding album. 

Hope you guys have a good weekend! 



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