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Last week MK and I spent the evenings Perfecting our Fish Taco recipe. Today we have results. That delicious photo above is this Blackened Baja Taco recipe and it was the winner! We'll go into a few more details next but let me just tell you they were awesome and super easy.

We made each taco with a few different sauces, slaws and topping but were sure to test the fish alone to make sure knew which one stood on its own as the best. The Blackened Baja Taco recipe could not have been easier. Mix a few spices, rub your fish of choice down and you're ready to cook. For this recipe we made the jalapeno onion slaw included in the recipe and it was perfect. The onions gave each taco a good crunch, the sour cream, cilantro and lime were cool and fresh and the jalapeno and spices gave it heat. Prep for the entire meal took about 10 minutes total. We're also talking about making a larger batch of the spice mixture to keep on hand for making fish tacos even faster in the future.

Next on our list was Katie Lee's Fish Tacos. They were similar in flavor to us but just didnt quite have enough oomph. We also made her chipotle sauce which was included with the recipe and topped the tacos with her Black Bean, Avocado and Mango Salsa. To me it was just too much but I may just prefer a more simple taco. I will say the salsa was a great change from the regular ole Pica de Gallo though!

If we're being honest the next three just weren't that great, nothing to write about really. Now we are obviosuly not professional food critics but the rest just weren't worth making again in our opinion.

Did anyone else test recipes and have good results? Like I mentioned earlier we're definitely making these again. They are the perfect easy weeknight meal and pretty healthy too. I'm planning to mix the "taco seasoning" this week to keep on hand already mixed and ready for fish tacos.

Hope you guys found a go to recipe!

- Heath


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